Friendly neighborhood self-confessed laconophilia, whose armor suits him, but it can not hide that mark (Nothing ever will), who was prepared the very moment that he let his arrow fly, that’ll slay anything that's evil (that's his deal), who will never die (just go Missing In Action), who's desperate to regain his honor, who has the innate ability to be overlooked and ignored, who hides a bitter heart under a veneer of lovable idiot, and who knows deep down that Who I am is not who I want to be...

I've been used as the base model for 4 Marvel Sketch Cards, 1 Topps Star Wars Galaxies trading card, a Star Wars Insider cover image, and a T-Shirt at Hot Topic.


Hey man! I don’t know if you’ve seen this DragonCon cosplayvideo or not, but I spotted you as Link in it.

I’m not sure if I have seen this one or not, thanks for pointing it out to me!

Testing out some Rigid Collodion for the Altair/Ezio/Desmond scar.

When Rigid Collodion dries it pulls the skin tight and wrinkles it, allowing for the creation of scars or wrinkles.

Yeah, this one’s you screwing the Eiffel Tower.

And this one’s the Eiffel Tower screwing you.

RTX 2014 Wrap Up

Don’t tell Dragon Con (Or TK-Bear) but RTX has become my favorite convention.

There’s two main reasons for that.  One is that I’ve been watching Red Vs Blue since episode 3 back in when I was in High School in 2003.  Few things have stayed consistent in my life over the past eleven years, but my enjoyment of Red Vs Blue is one of them.  One of the first real big costume projects we contemplated and started in the TK Bear Crew after Stormtrooper armor was Halo 1 Mark V armor.  I was personally really motivated by in that project by a desire to be Caboose, as I loved Red Vs Blue more than I Liked Halo.  That initial project would never come to fruition, and it would be years later that I actually accomplished the goal of making Caboose’s armor, but in the end Caboose has become my favorite costume.

Which is the second reason why RTX has become my favorite con.  It is an amazing feeling to be in a Caboose costume at a convention with such a high percentage of Red Vs Blue.  At most other conventions when I wear Caboose I get called “Master Chief/SPARTAN/Halo Guy” far more than I get people who recognize that I’m supposed to be Caboose.  At RTX, however, almost everyone knows it’s Caboose’s and recognize all the little details that make it so. The “Regulation Blue” paint scheme, the “-1” homage to the old RvB T-Shirt line on the back plate, the purple ribbon (which is first place ribbon for doing nothing and coincidentally the same color as last place), and the bloody bullet hole over the left pinky toe do not go unnoticed by the crowd at RTX.

When I’m in Caboose at RTX it is pretty much the only time at a Convention that I can barely move for extended periods of time because of people wanting to take pictures.  RTX is where I feel real genuine excitement for the costume and appreciation of the hard work that went into it.  RTX is pretty much the only con where I actually feel kind of like I fit in and belong.  That people are happy to see me.

And I think that’s the kind of feeling a lot of Cosplayers are chasing.  To fit in.  To be around other people who understand and appreciate unabashed enthusiasms and love of your subject matter of choice.  And, yes, to feel that touch of popularity and acceptance.  So even though after past RTXs I have actually seen people complaining on the RoosterTeeth site’s forums and on Tumblr about how they “Don’t understand why that guy in the Caboose costume was so popular  had all those people taking pictures of him,” you have to understand, that literally only happens to me at RTX.

We arrived at the convention center a little after 2 on Thursday afternoon.  I had resigned myself to spending the rest of the afternoon to waiting in the registration.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was virtually no line.  We pretty much walked right up and got our passes.  I was also very surprised and excited to see a picture of our Caboose and Donut costumes featured prominently in the RTX program.  Later Thursday night we went to the Sidequest charity auction.  We left before the end of the auction, but when we left most of the prints of my art where going for around $50, which was much more that I thought they would go for.

Friday morning I continued a tradition from the past two RTXs and walked the registration/exhibitor hall lines in armor to do my bit to help entertain the people waiting in line.  After the line had cleared out, we went into the exhibit hall itself.  We made our way to the RTX museum/experience.  While waiting in line, someone approached us from behind, and I turned around to see it was Shannon McCormick, voice of Agent Washington and Professor Ozpin.  I was very flattered that he had approached us to tell us he remembered Caboose and Donut from last year, loved our costumes, and was happy to see us back again.  After we left the Rooster Teeth museum/experience we passed by the Microsof/343 Industries booth where we were approached by a staffer who told he loved our armor, and said it would be great if we could wear it to their invite only “1st-Annual One Time Only Retro Rumble Halo 2 Dual Wield Drink Fest 2014 Championship Extravaganza!” party.

Saturday we entered the costume contest on a whim.  I have been in a few of costume contests before, at other conventions and at bars on Halloween and I had never come anywhere close to winning.  Except for that one costume contest at my University’s Halloween Ball.  Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to win, but decided to just go for it.  They split the contest up into three categories, Men, Women, and Halo.  By the time they got around to the Halo costumes time for the panel had almost run out, an instead of the introduction and short skit afforded the previous categories, the Halo section was told to just line up in a row and the audience would vote one by one with applause.  I did my best Caboose and lined up facing away from the crowd and waited until someone shouted “Wrong Way, Caboose!”  That was when I turned around and the crowd cheered. 

The crowd cheered

That was incredible.  I’ve never had a crowd cheer for me for anything like that before.  I mean, the cheer was so loud that the host kind of conceded right then and there that I had won.  Like I said, I have never won a costume/cosplay contest at a convention or bar before.  I’ve never had a crowd cheer for me before.  It was surreal.

After the costume contest I wanted to see if the line for Tucker and Sister’s autographs was full.  It was, but the guardian at the line invited us to a special unannounced autograph sessions with Blaine.  The best part about that was that aside from Shannon, Blaine was the only staff member/guest that actually remembered us from the previous year.  He commented that how the previous year he had been Barbara’s PA and taken out picture with her during an autograph session the previous year, and that it had come full circle with us getting a picture with him.  He said he liked our armor and thanked us for coming back.

Saturday night was the 343 Industries “1st-Annual One Time Only Retro Rumble Halo 2 Dual Wield Drink Fest 2014 Championship Extravaganza!” party.  Halo 2 multiplayer.  An open bar.  All my favorite Rooster Teeth staff and personalities.  A fascinating talk with 343’s head of licensing about all the cool new stuff coming up next year from different companies like NECA and Mega Blocks.  I didn’t have a bad thing to say about Microsoft for like a whole day!

Sunday morning we got up extra early to ensure a spot in line for Yomary and Shannon’s autograph session.  It turns out we really didn’t need to, as the line for them never actually reached capacity, but I had wanted to make sure I could get a picture with Yomary and give her a copy of PizzaKing’s Caboose and Sheila drawing.  When I hand her the picture she, asked if it was for her, and then asked me what my real name was so she could thank me.  Ialso gave her a muffin, and held up my “I made you a muffin!” sign.  She was all smiles and seemed very excited and when I went to go around the table to take a picture with her, apparently Donut and Shannon agreed that this was really more of “our moment” and stepped out of the way.  (Which I didn’t even realize until I was reviewing the pictures later.)  As we were going to leave Yomary shouted “Firing main cannon!” at me.

It was better than winning the costumecontest.

oliviatheocelot asked
Did you make your hidden blades? Because I'm trying to make my own and I have no idea where to start.

The Hidden Blade was collaborative effort between myself and my cousin. I made the leather parts and the “armor panels” on top of the gauntlet, but the actually impressive part, the important part, and the part that everyone is interested in and actually cares about, the blade and release mechanism itself was done by my cousin.

It breaks down basically into a plastic box that houses the blade and the catch, covered in metal, with metal eyelets, and a cast resin blade. The catch release is attached to a ring that fits over my finger. I pull back on the string, pops the catch, and the blade slides out. The blade as it extends out of the case is two parts, you can see it okay in the second gif where the first part comes out, and the end of the blade comes out of the first part…if that makes sense. I can take some more pictures if you want more clarity.

And, it is Gravity Feed, which does have the unfortunate side effect that the blade will not deploy past 90 Degrees, and it does collapse back in on itself when you lift it up. But, for having it pop out when it’s facing down, it works.

When going to a Drive in Showing of Ghostbusters, it’s important to brig the appropriate snacks.Twinkies: “Tell him about the Twinkie…”Crunch Bar:  I’m gonna take back some of the things I said about you, Egon. [pulls out candy bar]  You… You’ve earned it”Cheez-Its: One of Egon’s snacks of choice.

When going to a Drive in Showing of Ghostbusters, it’s important to brig the appropriate snacks.
Twinkies: “Tell him about the Twinkie…”
Crunch Bar: I’m gonna take back some of the things I said about you, Egon. [pulls out candy bar]  You… You’ve earned it”
Cheez-Its: One of Egon’s snacks of choice.

Tonight a cyclist spit on me as he was passing me without giving any kind of “On You Left” warning or heads up.

He turned his head to the right and spit down right as he was pulling even with me, striking me on the shin and shoe.  Then he sped away as I yelled out an unintelligible garble or rage at his back.  If that doesn’t just perfectly sum up my experiences with the cyclists on this Trail, I don’t know whatever will.

 (And just as a friendly reminder, this is a “Multi-Use Trail” who information signs at every entrance and crossing stress that cyclists should always yield to the pedestrians.)