Friendly neighborhood self-confessed laconophilia, whose armor suits him, but it can not hide that mark (Nothing ever will), who was prepared the very moment that he let his arrow fly, that’ll slay anything that's evil (that's his deal), who will never die (just go Missing In Action), who's desperate to regain his honor, who has the innate ability to be overlooked and ignored, who hides a bitter heart under a veneer of lovable idiot, and who knows deep down that Who I am is not who I want to be...

I've been used as the base model for 4 Marvel Sketch Cards, 1 Topps Star Wars Galaxies trading card, a Star Wars Insider cover image, and a T-Shirt at Hot Topic.


oliviatheocelot asked
Did you make your hidden blades? Because I'm trying to make my own and I have no idea where to start.

The Hidden Blade was collaborative effort between myself and my cousin. I made the leather parts and the “armor panels” on top of the gauntlet, but the actually impressive part, the important part, and the part that everyone is interested in and actually cares about, the blade and release mechanism itself was done by my cousin.

It breaks down basically into a plastic box that houses the blade and the catch, covered in metal, with metal eyelets, and a cast resin blade. The catch release is attached to a ring that fits over my finger. I pull back on the string, pops the catch, and the blade slides out. The blade as it extends out of the case is two parts, you can see it okay in the second gif where the first part comes out, and the end of the blade comes out of the first part…if that makes sense. I can take some more pictures if you want more clarity.

And, it is Gravity Feed, which does have the unfortunate side effect that the blade will not deploy past 90 Degrees, and it does collapse back in on itself when you lift it up. But, for having it pop out when it’s facing down, it works.

Hour 12 of my Altair tinkering day: finishing up the shoulder throwing Knife sheath and knives and starting to dirty up the “upper flaps” with some blood and dirt.
(Also, no those are not the pants I use with the costume and no that is not the outer Tunic I wear with it.  I just grabbed my running shirt quickly to approximate the outer tunic.)

Can’t even really “Sleep in” anymore, so, I’ve been working on this since about 5:30 this morning.  Altair’s Abdominal Armor mounted throwing knives and sheaths.  Flash and No Flash.