Friendly neighborhood self-confessed laconophilia, whose armor suits him, but it can not hide that mark (Nothing ever will), who was prepared the very moment that he let his arrow fly, that’ll slay anything that's evil (that's his deal), who will never die (just go Missing In Action), who's desperate to regain his honor, who has the innate ability to be overlooked and ignored, who hides a bitter heart under a veneer of lovable idiot, and who knows deep down that Who I am is not who I want to be...

I've been used as the base model for 4 Marvel Sketch Cards, 1 Topps Star Wars Galaxies trading card, a Star Wars Insider cover image, and a T-Shirt at Hot Topic.



Halo Series Re-Imagined as Movie Posters
How neat would it be to see your favorite game as a movie poster. I’ve been sacrificing countless hours on Halo 4, it’s only fair I pay my respects to the series. So I threw together a few posters, hoorah!

All credit to their respective authors, I am in no way affiliated with Bungie/Microsoft/343 Studios. 

(Source: syntadesign)

Trial run of scotchtrooper's Spartan/Hoplite Wonder Woman at the Cincy ComiCon.

Trial run of scotchtrooper's Spartan/Hoplite Wonder Woman at the Cincy ComiCon.



Even in the craziness that is Dragon Con I still always have time for a Princess.
After she asked for a picture, I gave her one of my Golden Butterflys.

He’s a great knife

I am  a “Great Knife?”  I am not sure I understand what you mean?


So…went to Cincinnati Comicon. For free, thanks to my friends. So that in itself made up for my horrible day yesterday. But it got better from there.

Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky were there! And they signed my stuff! Super nice people, those two. And I got two special Zdarsky “Stan Lee” autographs. One for Sonic, which Matt stated was created by Stan Lee, so of course get it signed. And the second is Robin & Cat! So now there is sorta a Zdarsky/Lee variant cover. I gave Chip and Matt a copy of Robin & Cat, so now the DeFraction family has two copies.

Also picked up some great prints and a comic (comic not pictured). And some con-exclusive beer! So yeah…great day!

When the bad days show up, you have to find the good ones. If I decided to wallow in what happened to me yesterday, I wouldn’t have had such a great day. And big thanks to Cadet and Goose for helping me out!




Cutest Guardian of the Galaxy

still completely blown away by how amazingly well done this little guy is—they gave him an incredibly expressive face without anthropomorphicising it one bit. he doesn’t have a shorter snout or bigger eyes or a more rounded forehead or anything, he looks exactly like a raccoon. but you can see every little irritated or devious or sad thought he has.

just… amazing. i want that animation team to win some fucking awards.