Friendly neighborhood self-confessed laconophilia, whose armor suits him, but it can not hide that mark (Nothing ever will), who was prepared the very moment that he let his arrow fly, that’ll slay anything that's evil (that's his deal), who will never die (just go Missing In Action), who's desperate to regain his honor, who has the innate ability to be overlooked and ignored, who hides a bitter heart under a veneer of lovable idiot, and who knows deep down that Who I am is not who I want to be...

I've been used as the base model for 4 Marvel Sketch Cards, 1 Topps Star Wars Galaxies trading card, a Star Wars Insider cover image, and a T-Shirt at Hot Topic.


ambeedambee asked
Woah I really like your scout cosplay! You look just like him c:


Yeah, this one’s you screwing the Eiffel Tower.

And this one’s the Eiffel Tower screwing you.


as the next season of doctor who approaches its time for me to wrestle with the question

does my faith in peter capaldi outweigh my distrust of steven moffat


A collection of Caboose’s names for Donut (not including Commander Poppin Fresh and Admiral Buttercrust).

Give me a couple years to figure out how to wrap text in photoshop and I might do that.

mr-selfie asked
how do you transport your armor to different cons? Airport security messes up my cosplays pretty good.


(RTX is pretty much the only Con I fly to right now, but when I do fly with my armor I pack it into a rubbermaid tub that fits with in the “Checked baggage” limits without going into the “over-sized category.”   For most airlines this is a maximum size of 62 inches (length + width + height) per check piece of luggage.  I drilled holes around the top of the tub and the sides to feed zip ties through to secure the armor.  Zip ties are good becuase if TSA has to open the tub they just cut the zip tie and then replace it with thier own zip ties.  The best thing to secure you luggage with in general is Zip Ties or TSA approved locks.  My armor is vacuum formed plastic, which means it is lightweight and therefore easily is under the 50 pound weight limit.  Also, becuase it is vacuum form plastic the pieces nest inside of each very easily, and compact down into the tub easily.  I also always place a document on top of the tub, so that if TSA opens it, it is right where they can see it right away.  It lists my name, pone number, and what the costume is made out of, and shows pictures of the costume Front, Back, and Side.)




How I fly with Armor/Cosplay.

Bad day! Bad day! Bad day!

Jackie Chan, in Jackie Chan Adventures (via redcloud)





How does North not touch the visor of his helmet with his nose I mean



im so sorry for bringing this back but it made me laugh so hard what if he just has his nose just constantly pressed against his visor what if

does his visor get foggy when he breathes on it?

I own every iteration of the Halo Mark V, and one Mark VI, and I can tell you that sometimes, yes, your nose does end up pressed against the visor.