Friendly neighborhood self-confessed laconophilia, whose armor suits him, but it can not hide that mark (Nothing ever will), who was prepared the very moment that he let his arrow fly, that’ll slay anything that's evil (that's his deal), who will never die (just go Missing In Action), who's desperate to regain his honor, who has the innate ability to be overlooked and ignored, who hides a bitter heart under a veneer of lovable idiot, and who knows deep down that Who I am is not who I want to be...

I've been used as the base model for 4 Marvel Sketch Cards, 1 Topps Star Wars Galaxies trading card, a Star Wars Insider cover image, and a T-Shirt at Hot Topic.


These pictures are the inspiration/reference for what I want my Link photos with Bryan Humphrey at Dragon Con this year to look like.  I really love the old concept art for the NES, SNES, and Gameboy games and want to try and capture the feel from it that Link is on a serious Lord of the Rings level quest, and these are little “realistic” moments from it.


I know you people don’t come here for my face, but I was called specifically as Caboose by my brother, Lonewolf,

I made my donation at, and I challenge all of you to get involved, some way, some how.  Do an Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise awareness for ALS, make a donation at, or just get out there and support any charity group or cause you want.  I just challenge you to get involved, some way, some how.  One of my favorite things over the years has been being able to use costuming to help support a variety of charities, and I love seeing Fandoms become forces for good. 

So get out there and do some good!